每天学写留学文书 10月23日

strictly speaking


IN THE JUNE 1967 ISSUE, TOWN & COUNTRY CHOSE a 20-year-old Willard Mitt Romney and 24 others for an item on "America's most eligible young men." Readers could not have known that Romney had already gotten engaged to his prom date, Ann Davies. Alas, Mitt was never, strictly speaking, eligible.
While not strictly speaking a masterpiece show, its like won't be attempted again on this scale and in this depth for some time.

每天学写留学文书 10月22日

in/with regard to


He vaguely knows what he's doing with regard to our economy.
We can do some really intelligent things in regard to recreation in Colorado.

同义词:as regards(正式), regarding

每天学写留学文书 10月21日

advice vs. advise



She only ever gave me two pieces of advice.
I would not have advised her family to do that interview.
Tom Rath, a Romney adviser, summarized the candidate's reactions to losses.
I say this as your legal advisor and an officer of the court.

每天学写留学文书 10月19日


释义:这是美国本土童话故事《绿野仙踪》(The Wonderful Wizard of Oz)里奥兹国(Oz)的一类居民,以身材矮小著称。在1939年由原著改编的著名彩色故事片中,由来自世界各地的特型演员扮演(当时电脑还未被发明出来,而且即便是常规特效技术也不够高明)。


But I recently heard the use of the word munchkin. Being a small person, I'm deeply hurt.
Mercury's mysteries arise from its extremes. With a diameter that would allow it to fit comfortably between Boston and Anchorage, Alaska, it's a planetary munchkin.

每天学写留学文书 10月18日

one of the [n. pl.]

语法:one of the best universities in the nation,在留学文书中,诸如此类的表达方式是不是很高端大气上档次?不过要注意一点,这个名词性短语是单数而不是复数,不要被迷惑了。

One of the most common forms is key fobs with a periodically changing number synchronized with a remote server.
One of the most unexpected findings to result from an internal exposome investigation was published last year.

每天学写留学文书 10月17日

projecting into the future


He attends all kinds of things, but projecting into the future, this is such an uncertain projection.
As a computer model begins projecting into the future, the butterfly effect magnifies those initial imperfections.

同义词:looking to the future

反义词:reflecting on the past, in retrospect

每天学写留学文书 10月16日

for/in a split second


His eyes widened for a split second before Dennis slumped.
In a split second, Francsico jumps over the barrier to protect his little brother.

同义词:in the twinkling of an eye

每天学写留学文书 10月15日

feel as if vs. feel like

辨析:这两个短语如果能用好的话,都能为留学文书增色不少,但切忌弄混了。feel as if后面一般是跟一个完整的句子,描述一种对客观事实的主观体验。feel like出现会更频繁一些。在当代英语中,它其实能够涵盖feel as if的用法(但可以直接接宾语)。当它接动名词表示对于做某事的倾向性。

By the time he got to the elevator he was beginning to feel as if he were in a Hitchcock movie.
Here was a city, a real city, that didn't make you feel like garbage.
I didn't feel like having any milk.

每天学写留学文书 10月14日

gallery vs. galley


This version comes from Barbara Castelli, the widow of the dealer Leo Castelli, who is showing it in collaboration with Spruth Magers, a gallery with spaces in Berlin and London.
Under it were crew cabins, mess and galley, and the lounge that the petrologists had taken over as their computer and radio room.